Scroll down for instructions on how to use the Healthy Parks Healthy Person App

Signing Up:

To begin using the Healthy Parks Healthy Person TN app, simply go to on your mobile device.

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When you get to the first screen, make sure to save the page to your mobile device home screen so you can access the app easily.

Apple:                                                                                              Android:

Save as Homescreen                                          Save _to_homescreen

On the first screen, enter the email address you would like to use and create a password that you can remember for the next time you log in.




On the Activities page find an activity that matches what you are doing and click “Check In”.  Your points will automatically be added to your total.  Remember that you can only earn points once per day, but you can check into another activity every hour.

HPHP App Screenshot

It’s that easy!



When you are ready to purchase your rewards, click the Rewards tab on top.  Select which reward you would like to purchase using your points.  If you don’t have enough points the app will tell you how many you still need to earn.  If you have enough, hit the Purchase button, then Tap To Confirm, and the reward will be saved for you! Do not hit the “Redeem” until you receive your reward.

Rewards Screenshot    IMG_1931    IMG_1932

For a TN State Park Reward: When you are ready to redeem your reward, go to the Tennessee State Park of your choice and tell them you would like to redeem a Healthy Parks Healthy Person TN reward.  When you make the purchase, the park employee will add the discount to your ticket, and will need to see the reward page on your phone.  The park employee will then click “Redeem” on the reward. If you are redeeming a free cabin stay, you would call the TN State Park of your choice, let them know you would like to redeem your HPHP TN Reward, reserve the cabin, and on the day you go for your stay, you will have the park employee click the “Redeem” button to confirm. If you have any trouble, feel free to email us (

  • Ex. Cabin stay, gift shop item, free meal, free round of golf, hike w/ a Ranger, etc.

For a Healthy Parks Healthy Person TN Logo Reward: When you are ready to redeem your reward, email us ( your name and mailing address that you would like your reward shipped to. Once you receive your HPHP TN reward in the mail, click the “Redeem” button to show you have received it!

  • Ex. Water bottle, athletic shirt, activity tracker, first aid kit, store-it belt, etc.

IMG_1934    IMG_1935

If you have issues with the points redemption process, please feel free to contact or Ranger Ryan Jenkins at 615-585-4904.  You may also contact him prior to your arrival at the park you choose and he can contact the park to make sure they are aware of your Healthy Parks Healthy Person TN rewards.

Any time you have trouble logging in or logging points: try logging out of your account and closing the app, then opening the app again and logging in again.