Frequently Asked Questions:

Click Here for instructions on how to download the Healthy Parks iOS App and Android App 

  • How many points can I earn per day?

You can earn 10 points per day, but you can check in for an activity once an hour.  You are just limited to how many points you can earn per day.

  • Why can I check in an activity every hour, but not receive more than 10 points?

Healthy Parks Healthy Person TN was created to motivate you to develop a habit of getting active outside to improve your health. By being able to check in your activities every hour, you are able to keep track of how many total activities you have completed. Users can only earn 10 points per day in order to create a restriction that way rewards are not abused and the habit of getting active in nature regularly is actually being formed.

  • Will I have to start over with a new account if i download the Healthy Parks iOS App/Android App?

No! All of your account information/points/etc, from the Healthy Parks Healthy Person web-app will automatically transfer over to the iOS App/Android App when you download them from the app store and sign in. Click the links to download the Healthy Parks app on iOS Apple App Store Android  or Google Play App Store.

  • I hiked 5 miles and my friend only hiked 1.  Why do I not get more points than him?

Our goal with Healthy Parks Healthy Person TN is to get people to take their first step.  For some people the effort to walk 1 mile may be the same for someone else walking 5 miles.  The more people we can get outdoors, active, and enjoying nature, the more we can move the needle of health in Tennessee!

  • I cannot log into the Healthy Parks Healthy Person TN app.

If you have issues with logging into the app, first check your email and password.  The first time you arrive at the app homepage, you will be creating your password.  Any time after that you will use the password you created during your first visit to the app.  If you continue to not be able to log in, please feel free to contact us at

  • My points disappeared on my Healthy Parks Healthy Person TN app.

If your points are not showing up on your account, first log out of your account, then log back in. Make sure to use the same email and password that your account is under. If there is a typo or wrong email address, it will create a new, separate account. If your points still do not appear on your account after re-logging in, you can contact us at